Community people visited in our office every day to get service for transgender. To filled social entitlement schemes are transgender id card , Ration card,free housing form and etc.

Awareness Rally 2015


On 10th OCT  2015, an awareness Rally  programme was conducted for the general public and college student  there were 25 memebers who participated at  Marina Beach to Gandhi selai.

The days programme began with a welcome speech by Mr .Raju, after that Ms. Jeeva spoke of the condition of the Transgenders and their problems faced today. The following points were mainly emphasized by TRA staff ,Peer Educators and TRA committee member’s.


Health camp 2015.


                          Transgender Rights Association to conducted health camp on 19.12.2015 . To Participated in various hotspots to above 50 community people the benfit and also in specially before to discuss with project director and staff” s to TI doctor advice in particular day special bone tested for community.

VHS Training 2015.


                       TRA and THAA both TI and CBO staff’ s to participated training activity. To the voluntary health service to organized the 4 day training in Chennai district. To mingle with state aids control society in main objective or motive the training improve service delivery and know about TG community in the daily training activity. In every day to come the special trainer to contacting session about STI , Crisis, Fund raising, etc,,,,